Ormaig and Salachry are two separate forests north of Kilmartin. Both are very visible from public roads and communities. Both are well advanced through restructuring of even-aged first rotation crops. Ormaig in particular is closely associated with Kilmartin Glen and its heritage landscape, containing five scheduled sites and forming a backdrop to several others. It also contains important Ancient Woodland remnants which feature in the view from Ardfern. 

The primary objectives for the plan area are: commercial conifer timber production, enhancement and protection of scheduled sites, restoration of Ancient Woodland sites, reassessment of future forest structure in Ormaig and certification under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme.

The plan for Ormaig and Salachry was approved by Perth and Argyll Conservancy on 8September 2016.  The plan expires on 8September 2026.

view of ormaig salachry from ardfern

Land Management Plan documents and maps

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