Meikle Ley is approximatively 29 ha of farm land acquired by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) in 2011 in an open market sale. The site is located in a rural area of Tillyfourie close to the A944 between Alford and Westhill. The sites southern and western boundaries are with the existing Forestry Commission managed forest of Corrennie. To the north and east is open farmland.

Our proposals are to deliver a range of environmental and economic benefits and provide permanent habitats for a range of species. We have developed a land management plan to detail these proposals for management of the area.


This plan has been approved and is now active. It is due to be renewed in July 2026.

Land management plan documents and maps

  • Plan summary  (0.3MB) - a summary of the land management plan.
  • Land management plan text (2.8MB) - details our objectives for the area and our management proposals.
  • Location map (0.8MB) - shows the location of site in relation to the local area.
  • Key features map (1.3MB) - shows the features that influence the planting of the sites.
  • Analysis and concept map(1.4MB) - shows how the key features influence the planting of the sites.
  • Species map (1MB) - shows the species that will be used to plant the site.

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