East Loch Awe Land Management Plan (LMP) area comprises a landscape scale of 9697 hectares, stretching from the east side of Loch Awe in the west to the slopes above Loch Fyne in the east. While Sitka Spruce is the dominant productive species due to site constraints, the area has significant diversity in terms of tree species and age structure. The long history of forest management across the LMP area has facilitated in the creation of an extensive restructured and more diverse forest. A good road network exists which has enabled restructuring to be carried out across most of the mature forest. There are areas of slower growing crop that are currently unroaded, these areas will perform a role as a strategic timber reserve to stabilise future supply/demand projections. A number of operational renewables projects (both hydro and wind) lie within the forest area making a significant contribution to the Scottish Governments renewable energy targets.

The primary objectives are: commercial timber production, PAWS restoration, renewable energy, landscape re-appraisal in association with restructuring including a review of management prescriptions with reference to forest resilience in relation to climate change.

Certification under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme is another important objective to which the plan will contribute.

View from the forest over Loch Awe

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