Carron Valley Forest is situated on the B818 from Denny to Fintry on the slopes above the Carron Valley Reservoir, and covers a little over 3,000 hectares. 

Following extensive analysis, consultation and development work, the land management plan for Carron Valley was formally approved in August 2016, and is scheduled for renewal in 2026.

A brief summary of the current plan can be found here

carron valley


  • 2014 – Information gathering, site analysis, development of initial design concept.
  • Winter 2014/Spring 2015 – Consultation on initial design proposals.
  • 2015/2016 – Development of the initial proposals, incorporating feedback from the consultation process, into a detailed land management plan.
  • Summer 2016 – Submission of the plan for formal approval.

Land management plan documents

The scale and complexity of the site required a large amount of information to support the planning process. The main documents covering the plan are:

Original design concept

The original design concepts used during the consultation process were:

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