The Camisky land management plan area lies in the Great Glen between the river Lochy and the A82 to the north east of Fort William. It comprises four separate woodlands totalling 980 hectares that were previously called "the Great Glen Cattle Ranch Forest". The land was purchased in 1975 from the Great Glen Cattle Ranch and 2 small areas were sold in 2001 to the then North of Scotland Water authority for infrastructure improvements.

The forest is predominantly conifer plantation woodland. Felling of the first rotation crop has begun, along with the associated restocking. Wind damage for the remaining crop is significant and some of the Lodgepole Pine stands are suffering from extensive Dothistroma needle blight attack.

The forest area contains Coille a’Cham Uisge, an oak and birch woodland on an ancient woodland site. There are also areas of deep peat and bog woodland within the forest, particularly in the smaller woodland areas.

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