Burning firewood can make a real saving on your home energy costs. Firewooding can be fun too.

Firewood Permits (Bulk)

For significant bulk buying. Customers will use a forestry haulier to receive a delivery of generally 10 tonnes plus, in lengths of around 3m. Contact your Local Forest District Office for more information and prices.

Firewood Permits (Semi-Bulk)

By appointment, customers can self-collect marked bundles of firewood – again in around 3m lengths. Bundles are generally less than 3 tonnes. Specific sites and collection times can be arranged via Local Forest District Offices.

Scavenging Licences

Subject to agreement with the Local Forest District Office and payment of a fee, customers can have access to a site for the purpose of collecting 'on-site' harvesting residues. Hand tools only are permitted. The duration of a permit is 3 months. Contact your Local Forest District Office for more information.