Autumn in the forest

Nothing beats a forest in the autumn, where spring's greatest rival comes out in force. There's an old saying that every leaf is a flower in autumn, so make the most of this seasonal spectacular with our round up of activities, treats and events.

Our beautiful autumn guide is also a great excuse to get outside and capture your own autumn story.


autum walks trees

Spectacular autumn destinations

Discover incredible places to walk and see Scotland's autumn colours.


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Awesome autumn activities

While away the rainy days with our great collection of autumn activities – and not just for kids!


foraging blaeberry pie

Forest foraging

Enjoy the spoils of the earth with our guide to finding tasty treats in the outdoors.


spooky spots thumb

Spooky spots to visit

Get in the mood for Halloween with our guide to Scotland's spookiest locations.


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Autumn stargazing at the Dark Sky Park

The Autumn's early nightfall makes for the perfect time to stargaze. Why not visit the UK's first Dark Sky Park and see for yourself? 

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Keep it clean: tree health and you

Can you help us protect Scotland's precious forests? Find our how with our top tips for keeping it clean. If you still have questions, you can visit our Keep it Clean FAQ page for more detailed information.