Tree species

From towering giants, to diminutive beauties - Scotland's trees are as diverse as the landscape itself. Get to know some of the trees that make up our forests, learn their stories and find out about their many practical uses...

Coniferous trees

Scots pine drawing

Scots pine

Scotland's national tree
Corsican pine drawing

Corsican pine

Loves the sunshine
Douglas fir drawing

Douglas fir

Named after a Scot
Hybrid Larch drawing

Hybrid larch

Strong and mystical
Lodgepole Pine botanical drawing

Lodgepole pine

Straight and tall
Norway Spruce drawing

Norway spruce

Not just for Christmas
sitka spruce drawing

Sitka spruce

Productive and popular
western hemlock drawing

Western hemlock

Graceful and ornamental

yew drawing


Ancient and toxic

Broadleaf trees

Ash drawing


Strong and mystical
Beech drawing


Beautiful and distinctive
Oak drawing


Durable and practical
Hazel drawing


Ideal for coppicing
Rowan drawing


Distinctive and mystical
Silver birch drawing

Silver birch

Beautiful and hardy
Sweet chestnut drawing

Sweet chestnut

Introduced by the Romans
sycamore drawing


Distinctive helicopter seeds

wild cherry drawing

Wild cherry

Fast growing native