Corrychurrachan (Strontian Mines)

Hidden in Glen Righ forest, in the hills above Loch Linnhe, stand the remains of a community long gone.

The 1st edition Ordnance Survey 6-inch map indicates that by 1876 the houses were unoccupied.

Corrychurrachan township

Historical records tell us that people were living here as early as 1522. When or why people abandoned the settlement is a mystery, but maps show it was empty by the mid-1800s.

Local legends recount a tale about bad fairies attempting to kidnap a postman near Corrychurrachan. Fortunately, good fairies rescued him at the last minute. It is highly unlikely however that the people who lived in Corrychurrachan went "away with the fairies".

In the early 1800s, many people left farming settlements for various reasons. The information from other abandoned settlements on this site offers some ideas for what the reasons could be.

Visiting Corrychurrachan

The exact location of Corrychurrachan is grid reference NN 048 660.

The best access point for Corrychurrachan is Glen Righ. We recommend that only experienced walkers with GPS attempt to visit this site, as it is difficult to find and a long distance from the official Wade's Road trail.

The local ranger has a detailed description of the route using GPS for the enthusiastic. Stout, waterproof footwear is recommended.

All sites managed by Forestry Commission Scotland are open for you to explore. However, not all sites have paths or signage and some are a considerable distance from car parking. We recommend that visitors consult a detailed map and wear appropriate clothing.

Please follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and remember that historic sites should be treated with care and respect.