Session 2: Questions and Discussion points

Q. Is the £8 million recorded against support for BG all spent on this species or other things as well?

This is all being spent on the black grouse package in Rural Priorities, but some elements of spending on individual operations within the package could be carried out for reasons other than black grouse.

Q. Can collaborative proposals be supported more easily in future?

Scope should improve in next SRDP.


Predator control support contributes to sustaining the employment of keepers by estates and thereby maintaining ‘boots on the ground’. There are other added benefits to this in sustaining conservation effort.


Advice on targeting is critical as we get to a situation with greater pressures on funds all round.

Q. Any FCS theories on why Capercaillie have declined in 7 forest areas on the NFE?

  • These areas are in landscapes where FCS owns a small area in a generally poor area of habitat or holds the only remnant population as in Tay District.
  • Targeting management to improve habitat in surrounding areas may be helpful (as in the LIFE project).

Q. Do FES have knowledge of how people use forest tracks?

Overall counts of people in forest areas, not a detailed breakdown.

Q. At present SRDP doesn’t readily allow metapopulation linkages to be taken into account, e.g. in woodland creation schemes. Can SRDP 2 be designed to include a landscape-scale ecological restoration package for uplands?

This should be possible.

Q. Have there been any applications to SNH for control of pine marten recently?