Fit with Scottish government policies

LSER is best thought of as an approach for delivering existing land use and environment policies, rather than being a separate initiative or concept.  LSER is a useful way of bringing together the wide range of restoration projects under one label or banner; and providing clearer links to existing policies and support.

LSER fits well with Scottish Government policies for land use and natural environment.

  1. It helps deliver aspects of the Land Use Strategy, Scottish Biodiversity Strategy, Scottish Forestry Strategy, and the National Ecological Network.
  2. It complements and contributes to other similar approaches to landscape-scale land-use planning e.g. river basin planning, green networks, collaborative agri-environment schemes, strategic deer management etc.
  3. It helps deliver SG policy approaches to the natural environment, especially the "ecosystem approach" and "ecosystem services".

Landscape-scale conservation action is currently supported by several land use policy statements.

  • The Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and Scottish Forestry Strategy both refer to the need to establish projects to demonstrate and promote landscape-scale restoration. 
  • The Central Scotland Green Network (CSGN) and proposed National Ecological Network are large-scale approaches to creating and enhancing habitat connectivity, which have much in common with LSER.
  • The River Basin Management Planning process encourages a catchment-scale approach to the management of the water environment, and shares common approaches and aims with LSER.

FCS and our partners are working to demonstrate how LSER can help deliver Scottish Government policy and identify ways that large- scale restoration projects might be supported in future funding mechanisms.