Our management and structure

Details of who we are funded by, how we are managed and governed, and how we are structured.

Who are we?

Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) serves as the forestry directorate of Scottish Government, advising on and implementing forestry policy and managing the National Forest Estate.

FCS was created on 1 April 2003 as a result of the Forestry Devolution Review and is supported by Forestry Commission shared services and Forest Research.

Mission statement

Our mission is to protect and expand Scotland's forests and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment.

Funding and direction

We are funded by the Scottish Parliament and directed by Scottish Ministers through our Board of Commissioners and our National Committee for Scotland.

Working with the Scottish Government

We work with the Scottish Government to deliver the Scottish Forestry Strategy. We also contribute to many aspects of wider Scottish Government policy such as energy, environment and climate change, biodiversity, healthy living, rural transport, tourism and education.

Aileen McLeod MSP is Minister for Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform.

We are also a partner in Scotland's Environmental and Rural Services (SEARS).

Our management and structure

Forest Enterprise Scotland

Advisory Bodies

We co-ordinate the Scottish Forestry Forum and five Regional Forestry Forums. The forums advise us on a broad range of forestry matters.

We are also supported by a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) whose role is to adjudicate on disputed applications for grants or felling licenses and in disputes by statutory bodies arising from Forest Enterprise Scotland design plans.