The Mackinnon Report delivery group

The Mackinnon Report Delivery Group acts as an external reference group of the Project Board. Their role involves:

  • Providing forestry stakeholders' and other external input into the development of the outputs
  • Championing the project and raising awareness within the forest sector
  • Supporting the project manager in delivering the project outputs to the forest sector.


  • Jo O'Hara, FCS (Chair)
  • James Nott, FCS
  • Brendan Callaghan, FCS
  • Sue Kearns, SG
  • Carol McGinnes, SEPA
  • David Sulman, UKFPA
  • Nick Halfhide, SNH
  • Shireen Chambers, ICF
  • Stuart Goodall, Confor
  • Tim Liddon, Confor
  • Charles Dundas, LINK

Delivery Group meeting minutes