Land managers options

Rural Development Contracts Land Managers Options (LMOs) were introduced under the 2007-13 Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP).

LMOs provided support for the provision of economic, social and environmental improvements across Scotland.

Land managers could apply for funding for a range of options under LMO up to a maximum allowance for the business. Some options required a five year commitment and compliance with Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions and Statutory Management Requirements. Others were for one year.

LMO were non-competitive and open to all land managers with land in Scotland. Land managers had to be registered with the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and have a Business Reference Number (BRN).

Small Scale Woodland Creation

The planting of small woodlands, particularly in farming and crofting landscapes, provides a wide range of environmental and amenity benefits, as well as supporting farm diversification.

This option supported the creation of new woods, planted with native species, up to 1 hectare in size.

Management of small woodlands

Small woodlands make an important contribution to the character, biodiversity and amenity of the landscape. However, these woodlands are often under-managed and their condition can deteriorate over time because they are under-valued and/or the financial cost of management acts as a deterrent.

This option provided support for the sustainable management of small woodlands.


If you have a query about forestry grants, please contact your local FCS Conservancy Office.