Land leasing

Applications are currently being received for consideration Spring 2013. The closing date for applications for this funding round is 31 May 2013.

1. Introduction

Forestry Commission Scotland would like to increase the amount of new productive planting.

We are offering the opportunity for farmers and other landholders to lease land to Forest Enterprise Scotland (the Forestry Commission Scotland agency that manages the government’s forests), who will establishing new productive woodland and hand that woodland back to the landholder at the end of the lease period.

This approach is designed to complement our programme of acquiring land for woodland creation where it will provide significant public benefit.

2. Concept

The concept has three main components:

2.1 Lease – agree and conclude lease terms

2.2 Planning - design, consultation and approval of planting design

2.3 Woodland creation - the work on the ground.

Private sector providers may have a role in each component.

Lease options

There are two routes to lease:

2.4 Option A – this is intended for the majority of farmers and landholder applicants, who wish Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) to manage and deliver all of the planning and woodland establishment operations.

2.5 Option B – this option offers agents, estates and landholders who have the required skills & experience, to submit a fully costed proposal to manage the design and establishment process.

Seehow to choose an option for leasing.

3. Offer and funding

3.1 Option A

Forestry Commission Scotland will enter into a ten-year lease for land that meets the criteria and fund a proportion of legal costs. We will prepare a forest design plan and establish productive woodland, but will not expect to pay a significant rental.

All associated costs will be covered by FCS where we deliver with our own staff, or paid directly to our appointed contractors.

3.2 Option B

Forestry Commission Scotland will enter into a ten-year lease for land that meets the criteria and fund a proportion of legal costs.

Agents/Estates/Landholders with the required skills and experience, submit a fully costed business case for the management, forest design planning and woodland establishment and maintenance to FCS.

Applications that are deemed to provide good value for money will be funded in full via the applicants nominated Agent/Contractor.

4. Relationship with grant schemes and agricultural support

This proposal is designed to complement the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP).

Land put forward for the lease scheme will not be eligible for SRDP woodland creation grants or single farm payment.

5. Information pack and application forms

Full details are provided in the following documents and pages:


If you choose to apply using Option A, please complete:

Leasing Option A application form (MS Word 179k)

If you choose to apply using Option B, please complete:

6. Timescales & Contact details

Applications will be assessed during two formal assessment 'rounds' in May and October annually. The deadline for the October 2012 round has now past. Applications for the May 2013 assessment round should be submitted by 31 March 2013.

Thereafter, proposals approved in principle will enter the process as outlined on the woodland creation criteria page.

Farmers and landholders are asked to submit expressions of interest outlining their proposals to:

Ewan Reid – Estates Forestry Adviser
Forestry Commission Scotland

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:01224 440702