Forestry Grant Scheme

This section has recently changed. For Forestry Grant Scheme technical support, please see the section at the bottom of this page.

The Rural Payments and Services website has information about the Forestry Grant Scheme as well as step by step guides describing how to make an application. You will need to register on the website to apply.

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) will support the creation of new woodlands and the sustainable management of existing woodlands with a range of grants available under the Scottish Rural Development Plan (SRDP) 2014-2020. This will be delivered jointly by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) and Rural Payments and Inspections Division (RPID).

There are eight categories of grants – two for the creation of new woodlands and six for managing existing woodland. Within some of these categories, there are options which relate to specific types of project or work.

You'll find links to FCS technical help, and summaries of categories and options at the bottom of this page.


Target areas

Higher payments rates will apply to both initial planting and annual maintenance for Conifer, Diverse Conifer and Broadleaves options in the following target areas:

  • Areas identified as being 'Preferred' or 'Potential' (or equivalent) in the relevant Local Authority Woodland Strategy (or equivalent).
  • Areas identified by Cairngorms National Park Authority for woodland expansion.
  • Woodlands to be planted within one of the priority areas identified in the FCS-SEPA opportunity mapping projects as likely to provide multiple benefits for natural flood management and water quality - applies to Diverse Conifer, Broadleaves, Native Scots Pine, Native Upland Birch, Native Broadleaves, Native Low Density Broadleaves and Small or Farm Woodland options. See Woodlands for Water (PDF 662K)

Large Scheme Area threshold

For Conifer, Native Scots Pine and Native Broadleaves options, there is an area threshold of 300 hectares per option, above which the payment rates will be reduced for the area above the threshold. The reduced rate will only apply to the initial planting and maintenance payments.

Central Scotland Green Network contribution

Within the CSGN area a contribution will be available in recognition of additional costs for establishment. To be eligible for this contribution at least 50% of the eligible option(s) must be within the CSGN area and supporting the local authority woodland strategy objectives for woodland expansion. This contribution is subject to an area cap of 40 hectares per application.

CSGN technical guidance provides information to help you apply for this contribution.

Summary of categories, options and technical help

We publish detailed advice about parts of the Forestry Grant Scheme. This is helpful if you're thinking about making an application for a grant.

The documents are grouped on pages relating to each option

For more details see our Forestry Grant Scheme options page.

FCS Briefing Note 1 – launch of the Forestry Grant Scheme

The Forestry Grant Scheme opened to new applications on 30th March 2015. Briefing Note 1 (PDF 74KB)explains how we'll deal with your application and important information about what you need to do when you apply. There are also key updates about known issues with the computer system

Rural Payments and Services IT system – Issues, hints and tips

Known Issues Version 1.7 (PDF 47K) updated 17 July 2015, lists the latest known issues with the IT system used to apply for Forestry Grant Scheme grants. We expect these issues to be fixed quickly. This list will be updated each week. Please read the Hints and Tips (PDF 79K) as these will help you make your online application

A list of previous issues is available in Fixed Issues Version 1 (PDF 16K)


Any questions about the new forestry grants should be directed to your local conservancy.

Enquiries about online registration should be directed towards local RPID offices.