Environmental Impact Assessment projects

Forestry Commission Scotland has a statutory duty to consider proposals for the following forestry projects:

  • afforestation (planting of new woodlands)
  • deforestation (felling of woodland to another land use)
  • the construction and maintenance of forest roads and quarries

If after assessing proposals, we consider that they will have a significant effect on the environment, then we will ask the landowner to formally apply for consent under the Environmental Impact Assessment (Forestry) (Scotland) 1999 Regulations. The landowner must submit an Environmental Statement that sets out how the project will deal with the significant environmental effects. We will assess the Environmental Statement and also seek the views of interested parties. We will then decide whether or not to grant consent for the proposals taking account of any responses we have received during our consultations. We will notify all interested parties about our decision.

We regularly publish details of the decisions that we make about our assessments of forestry projects in our register of Environmental Impact Assessments.

The links below will give you access to the Environmental Statements for projects where we have asked the applicant to apply for consent as required by the EIA Regulations. If you would like to see other documents related to an individual project, please contact the Conservancy Office for that area.