Applying for opinion

If the land area covered by your proposed forestry project is over the area threshold for that type of project, then you must apply for a formal opinion from Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) to see if our consent is required before you can begin work.

The process for getting our opinion and what happens next is outlined below.

Find out if you need our consent to start work

Complete the Determination Enquiry Form:

Determination Enquiry Form (PDF 41k). For printing and completing by hand.

Determination Enquiry Form (MS Word version 170k). For saving to file and completing electronically.

Send it to FCS with:

  • A map or plan sufficient to identify the land where the project is proposed and the extent of the project (use a clear Ordnance Survey map at a scale of 1:10,000 or 1:2,500);
  • A brief description of the proposed work; and
  • Other information that might be relevant.

Note you can also send us a copy of your grant scheme or felling licence application with a map.

When you can expect our decision

We can only make a decision when we have all the relevant information and we might ask you for more information in addition to that you have already given us.

The regulations require that we make our decision within 28 days of receiving all the relevant information but we might ask you to agree to a longer period.

If consent is NOT required

If our consent is not required then you can start work or we will continue to process your application for grant aid / felling licence in the normal way.

If consent IS required

If our consent is required, you must submit an application for consent if you wish to proceed with the work. Your application must include an environmental statement. There's more details of this in the document Undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment in Forestry and Preparing an Environmental Statement (PDF 1.3Mb).

How long the opinion decision lasts

Any decisions that we make about whether or not you need consent for the work last for a period of five years or any shorter period that we specify.