Grants and regulations

Grants are available for planting trees and managing woodlands. There are regulations that protect the environment and prevent illegal felling.

This section has information on grant schemes, legacy grants and regulations.

Review of forestry planting approval procedures

A review of forestry planting approval procedures was undertaken by Jim Mackinnon CBE. The review aims to reduce the complexity, duration and cost of tree planting applications. Read the report recommendations and how they will be implemented.

Forestry Grant Scheme

The Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS) supports new woodland creation and sustainable management of existing woodlands. There are eight categories – two for new woodland creation and six for managing existing ones. Within the categories, there are other options relating to specific types of project.

More information about the scheme is on our Forestry Grant Scheme page.

Farm woodlands

If you're interested in creating and managing woodlands, see our farm woodlands pages. You could get help from the Forestry Grant Scheme to help with costs.

Land leasing

Forestry Commission Scotland gives farmers and landholders the chance to lease land to Forest Enterprise Scotland (the Forestry Commission Scotland agency forest management agency). They can establish new productive woodland, and hand it back.

Felling licences

If you want to fell trees you may need a felling licence from us before you start. Information about exemptions, and an application form are available on the felling licences pages.

Environmental Impact Assessment

If you want to plant trees, fell without replanting or construct forest roads or quarries, we need to check your project's environmental impact.

If we think it'll have a large impact, you must apply for permission. We'll give your our formal opinion.

Full details are on the Environmental Impact Assessment page.

Woodland Grant Scheme and Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme

Now closed to new applicants but information is available about submitting claims and making amendments to existing contracts. For details see legacy grants scheme information.

Public registers

There are three online public registers:

Updating consultation procedures