Forest design plan consultations

About forest design plans

The forest design plan is a core management document that lays out proposals for the future management of a woodland in accordance with current policy and practice.

These plans are far reaching, with a strong emphasis on delivering social, economic and environmental benefits. The plans are approved for an initial period of 10 years, with the period beyond (50 + years) this point being approved in outline. This allows for a review of the document and revision if necessary.


Forestry Commission woodlands are independently certified as sustainably managed under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. Keeping people informed of management proposals affecting their local woodlands is an important part of maintaining this certification.

We gather the views from a range of different stakeholders during the development of a forest plan. This helps develop the plan and balance and prioritise the sometimes competing objectives.

Current consultations

Our current consultation are listed below and we welcome your opinions, feedback and questions. You will find the contact details of the relevant forest planner in each consultation page.