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Improving access to Scotland’s forests

The National Forest Estate is a magical place to visit, boasting everything from rare species of animals, to stunning views and exciting activities to take part in. One of our aims is for all visitors, whatever their age or ability, to experience and enjoy the benefits offered by woodlands, so we embarked on a project to review how accessible our trails and visitor sites were.

wildlife hyde


Beyond Hinterland: restoration and community woodland at St. Peter's Seminary

Concrete and semi-ancient woodland aren't often in the same space. The unforgiving material of inner-city high rises is the last thing you'd expect to find in a forest. This is what makes Kilmahew St. Peter’s – Scotland’s most significant modernist ruin – so intriguing.

From dense greenery, grey slabs erupt from the soft earth. Cylinders tower over ancient trees. Nature's scale is outdone by man. In this conflict, you are transposed – out of time, out of place, out of reality.

st peters


The National Forest Estate is helping to boost Scotland's economy

The National Forest Estate is a valuable national asset, providing recreation opportunities, supporting landscape scale restoration projects, wildlife conservation efforts, renewables development and community initiatives whilst producing millions of tonnes of timber a year.

A new report published today reveals that the National Forest Estate is generating £395 million Gross Value Added every year for the Scottish economy – that’s more than £1 million each day to support industry, jobs and many rural communities. Forestry and timber processing accounts for £285 million and tourism and recreation £109.6 million.

nfe economic contribution report


Two modern apprentices shortlisted for prestigious award

Two Forest Enterprise Scotland employees on the Modern Apprenticeship scheme have been shortlisted for Lantra Scotland’s Learner of the Year Awards 2016.

greg ferrier


Safeguarding the future of Scotland's best loved trees

In the face of climate change threats and increasing risk of attack from pests and diseases, Forestry Commission Scotland has taken steps to help safeguard the future of Scotland’s best loved and most vulnerable trees.

scots pine landscape

Photo credit Colin Leslie.


Breathing new life into Callendar Wood

Scottish Lowlands Forest District are working hard at Callendar Wood, Falkirk, to restore the original character of the woodland and introduce more native broadleaves into the forest. 

callander wood thinning operations


Celebrating the hidden success story of Scottish forestry

Scottish forestry and its contribution to the economy was celebrated at a reception for MSP’s in the Scottish Parliament last week (27 Jan).

It came on the back of a report (Nov 2015) that revealed the hidden success story that is Scotland’s forestry sector, which contributed nearly £1 billion to the economy through forest management, timber processing and recreation.


New survey techniques helped piece together the historic environment at Wilsontown Ironworks

Innovative new survey techniques helped piece together the historic environment at the 18th century ironworks of Wilsontown in Lanarkshire – one of the best presented and most accessible industrial archaeological landscapes in Scotland.

Many items were made at Wilsontown, including this cannonball.  They produced several cast iron items, including 'shot', and at one time Wilsontown had a contract with the Royal Navy to supply them shot for their cannons.

cannonball made at wilsontown


A day in the life of an Environment Manager

Neil McInnes is Environment Manager for North Highland Forest District, based in Golspie. This is a role that has it all – from ospreys and wildcats to bog restoration and cattle grazing projects. Neil will take you on a journey through some of his career highlights and favourite places – find out where the first tree planting in Scotland for the Forestry Commission took place in 1919 and what it is like to come within a metre of a Capercaillie during a lek.

Neil McInnes