Renewable energy on the National Forest Estate

The UK Government supports the use of renewable energy sources for generating electricity and heat as part of its strategy for improving sustainability and reducing the impact of climate change.

In Scotland, the Scottish Government has set a target of 100% of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020.

How are we involved?

  • We are developing the potential of Scotland's National Forest Estate for wind and hydro power.
  • We support the expanding wood fuel and bio-energy sector.
  • We are working to increase the contribution and response of Scottish forestry to the challenges of climate change.

Wind and hydro power

Our aims are to ensure that the potential of Scotland's National Forest Estate for renewable energy is developed and managed in ways that:

  • contribute to the Scottish Government’s renewable energy target;
  • maximise financial returns from the Estate;
  • secure benefits for local communities;
  • achieve a reasonable and sustainable balance with other FCS objectives.

Opportunities for communities

Forestry Commission Scotland is working with a number of energy developers to build wind and hydro projects on Scotland's National Forest Estate. Part of this programme ensures that communities have flexibility in how they can benefit from these developments.

We're also working, through the National Forest Land Scheme, with communities that have expressed an interest in developing their own wind or hydro energy projects on the NFE.