Scotland's National Forest Estate is managed on behalf of the Scottish people – in line with the Government’s Scottish Forestry Strategy – by Forest Enterprise Scotland, the operations arm of Forestry Commission Scotland.

Many people think this means timber production, and that’s true – but it's only part of the story. We're also working to develop the potential of the estate for renewable energy, creating and maintaining trails and visitor facilities, and conserving the estate's habitats, wildlife and archaeological treasures. 

Industry and business

Timber, sustainably sourced from your forests, provides thousands of jobs and contributes tens of millions of pounds to the Scottish economy – as well as helping us combat climate change by locking up about a million tonnes of carbon.

Health, safety and wellbeing

We know forestry is serious work, and that means it's sometimes dangerous. That's why we're committed to keeping our people safe and all those who visit our forests. Read more about our vision for a strong health, safety and wellbeing culture to make forestry safer for all.

Renewable energy

We're also working to develop the wind and hydro power potential of the National Forest Estate. Wind and hydro power provide clean and renewable sources of electricity which help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Conservation and environment

Scotland’s forests are also home to an amazing variety of plants and animals, including some of the rarest in the UK, while man’s historic footprint can be explored at hundreds of archaeological sites.

Tourism and recreation

Above all, the land we manage and protect for the nation is quite simply great to visit, for adrenaline-pumping activities, outdoor learning or quiet reflection – and pretty much everything else in between.


We want to encourage local people and communities to get involved with using and managing local estate woodlands. We have produced guidance to help communities to get involved, as well as information about how communities can benefit from renewable energy schemes on the estate.

We also work with communities who wish to own or lease estate land through the Community Asset Transfer Scheme.