Forest Enterprise Scotland is the government agency that’s responsible for managing Scotland's National Forest Estate.

The work we do is extremely varied and goes far beyond what many people think of as traditional forestry. As well as sustainable timber production, you're just as likely to find us protecting important habitats for wildlife, working with local communities, or making it easier for visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

By contributing to Scotland's Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy, health and wellbeing, education and community development, and by protecting our natural and cultural heritage, our work has the potential to benefit every person in Scotland.

Our structure

Our strategies and plans

Open Data Policy

FES supports the Scottish Government’s Open Data Strategy. Our Open Data Publication Plan (PDF 1MB) lets other people make use of some of the data we hold. This helps people to understand how we work and offers opportunities to use the data in new ways to create social and economic benefits.

Forest Enterprise Scotland Head Office

The head office of Forest Enterprise Scotland is in Inverness, but most queries should be directed to the relevant Forest District office.

Forest Enterprise Scotland Head Office
1 Highlander Way
Inverness Business Park

Tel: 0300 067 6000