North Clydesdale Forests land management plan

The North Clydesdale Forests are a collection of five forests managed by Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) located predominantly in the north of the area previously known as Clydesdale, now North & South Lanarkshire. The five forests are Heathland, Woodmuir and West Forth which are all located near Forth; along with Kingshill north east of Carluke, and The Mosses which lies to the north west of Carnwath.

As part of the management of our woodlands we produce land management plans which lay out our management strategy for the next 10 years and beyond at each of our sites and as such, renewed plans are required to map out and guide what we do at Heathland and Kingshill. Approved plans exist for Woodmuir, West Forth and The Mosses and our intention is to revise/renew all current/expired plans to form one new plan covering all five sites.

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We are keen to know what you think of our proposals. If you'd like to give your views, please contact us at the details below.


2016 – site survey, site analysis.
January 2017 – creation of design concept for the woodland including social, silvicultural and conservation aims.
Autumn 2017 – Consultation with local community and other statutory stakeholders and application for approval to the Forestry Commission. As part of the approval process, the final plan will also be placed on the Forestry Commission public register for 28 days where you will also have the opportunity to comment.

Draft Documents

Land management plan (PDF 697KB) - main document containing the detailed proposals
Appendices (PDF 244KB) - supplementary documents supporting the proposals e.g. the management brief


Location and context maps (PDF 5.3MB)
• Physical and climatic factors maps (PDF 6.6MB) - maps illustrating local context, soils, climate & existing woodland.
• Survey and concept maps (PDF 7.5MB) – maps illustrating the key features, opportunities and constraints which led to initial concepts
Forest management maps (PDF 7.9MB) - maps illustrating proposed felling and operational access
• Future species and habitats maps (PDF 8.4MB) - maps illustrating proposed species choices

Contact us

If you would like to receive notification of further developments with the plan, please contact:

Stewart Towers
Planning Forester
Forestry Commission Scotland
Scottish Lowlands Forest District
Five Sisters House
Five Sisters Business Park
West Calder
EH55 8PN

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