Letter land management plan consultation

The Letter Land Management Plan area (PDF 1.1MB) lies close to the village of Port of Menteith in Stirlingshire. It covers about 344ha in a prominent position on the southern slopes of the Menteith Hills overlooking the Forth valley.

The plan area sits at the boundary of the rich farmland of the Forth Valley and the rough grazing of the higher hills. Coniferous trees, dominated by Sitka spruce, were first planted in the 1960s; other species included larch, grand fir and lodgepole pine. A process of diversifying both age and species structure has been ongoing over the last 15 years. A number of habitat types are found in the area, including open water and bog, remnants of ancient woodland and heather moorland. A number of important bird and animal species are able to utilise these habitats.

Key objectives of the plan are to maintain timber production whilst delivering a range of other environmental and social benefits. In particular it is proposed to expand the area of broadleaved species and manage much of this productively. There will also be expansion of native woodland and there are proposals to improve the wetland habitats.

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Draft felling and restocking proposals have been prepared. When these have been finalised the text will also be completed and the plan sent to Forestry Commission Scotland for review, final consultation and approval. Draft documents can be found at the links below and these will be updated when the final draft is complete. Documentation will also be found here during the final consultation.

Land management plan draft maps and visualisations

NB. These documents are drafts and are subject to change before the plan is submitted to FCS.

Draft Maps



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