Forest of Ae land management plan consultation

The Forest of Ae land management plan is currently being reviewed and we are inviting comments and feedback.

We want to know what you think. What are the important issues in this forest? Why do people come here? What should we do differently? What should we carry on doing? What should the forest look like in 50 years?

panorama of the Forest of Ae


  • Spring 2015: Developing the draft design brief - see below.

  • 20th of August 2015: Drop-in public consultation at Ae - Ae Bike Shop and Cafe. Come along any time between 2pm and 7pm to discuss on a one to one basis with FCS staff and explore the key issues for the forest, helping to formulate the concept design. Everyone is welcome to attend including local community, statutory stakeholders, NGO's, specialist groups etc.

  • Early 2016: Designing the forest on the ground, including species choice and shapes and management approach. Ongoing consultation.

  • Summer 2016: Application to Forestry Commission Scotland. As part of the approval process, the final plans will be placed on the Forestry Commission public register for 28 days and you will still have opportunity to comment at that time.

Maps and plan

Contact us

If you would like to comment or discuss this plan, or if you would like to receive notification of further developments with the plan, please contact:

Robin Fuller
Planning Forester
Forestry Commission Scotland
Dumfries and Borders Forest District
Ae Village

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.