Community projects and activities

We encourage local people and communities to get involved with the use and management of National Forest Estate woodlands. We actively engage with communities and work in partnership with them on a wide range of projects and activities.

Community guidance

We've produced guidance for community projects and activities on the National Forest Estate (PDF 191KB).

The guide is for groups of people in the same local area, or groups of people with a common interest, who want to run activities, use or get involved in managing land or buildings on the estate. It provides advice on what you'll need in place, how to make your initial approach and what you can expect from us.

The information in the guide covers activities that involve communities using or managing their local woods through permits and management agreements. If you're interested in leasing or ownership, they're handled under the National Forest Land Scheme.

Questions and next steps

Once you have read the guidance and want to take your project forward, or if you have any questions, get in touch with your local district office.

Health check of our work with communities

In 2014, an independent advisory group carried out a health check study to evaluate how Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) had worked with local communities over the previous ten years.

The Community Health Check Report (PDF 629KB) made a number of recommendations. The FES response (PDF 525KB) details Forest Enterprise Scotland's response to each of the report's recommendations, and the actions that will take place to deliver improvements based on them.   

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