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Dark Skies in Galloway Forest Park

Stars in your eyes

Scotland has some of the darkest skies in Europe and Galloway Forest Park is one of the darkest places in Scotland, which is why it’s the UK’s first Dark Sky Park. So few people live within the Forest Park that the nights really are inky black, making it a brilliant place to enjoy the stars – and we’re working with local people to keep it that way.

dark sky medium image

A stellar spectacular

Over 7,000 stars and planets are visible with the naked eye from the Forest Park, and the bright band of the Milky Way is usually easy to see arching across the sky. There’s a new show every night because, as we travel round the sun, we’re getting a constantly changing view of the stars. Which seasonal celestial displays will you spot?

Take your seats for the show

You’ll get a great view from any of the three visitor centres, and particularly at Clatteringshaws, which overlooks the unlit heart of the Forest Park. There are Dark Sky information points at the visitor centres and at a series of sites across the Forest Park to help you identify the constellations and planets you can see, and there are panoramic viewing points at either end of the Carrick Forest Drive in the northern part of the Forest Park. Find more information about what to see and where in the Forest Park in our Dark Skies Park leaflet.

Look out for our Dark Sky events in the Forest Park too. You can also visit the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory near Dalmellington to find out more about the night sky.