Bishop Forbes in the Highlands

In 1770, Bishop Forbes travelled to Corrychurrachan by horse and carriage.

The road was not built for this mode of transport; most people used carts, rode on horses or walked. Several locals came to the roadside to stare at this unusual sight. Finally the carriage got stuck on a narrow cliff track.  It could not turn around so it had to be lifted and turned by hand.

On arriving in Corrychurrachan on horseback, their host Donald Cameron gave Bishop Forbes and his wife a tour of his home.

" are in the wild Highlands, where you know we are reckoned Great Thieves, and yet I have, as you will observe, no Lock or Bolt on the outer Door of my House..." Donald Cameron to Mrs Forbes, quoted by W. T. Kilgour (1908) in Lochaber in War and Peace.

Donald Cameron was the factor for Corrychurrachan. His job was to collect rents for the landlord and keep an eye on the tenants on the landlord's behalf.

The bishop tells us that Donald was famous for a cannonball wounding him at the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745, where he fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Records show that he and two of his tenants, Sarah and John McKenzie, paid a price for their involvement in the rebellion. The king’s forces taxed them; they took sheep, horses, cows and even furniture.