Get active in the forest

The forests we look after are fascinating, beautiful places to explore by foot or by bike. Whether you're planning a family day out, or looking for somewhere pleasant to walk the dog - step into the forest and you'll find yourself transported into a different world.

Walking in the forest is an excellent form of exercise, and good for the soul too! Choose the right level of trail from you. There's information on walking trails on each forest's page, with terrain descriptions and gradings, so you can select whether you do an easy, moderate or difficult walk.

Walking in the woods you're sure to discover some of the secrets of the forest - from the intriguing traces that remain of a forest's heritage, to the thriving wildlife that calls the forest its home.

Enjoy the great outdoors

For something more physically demanding, jump on your bike and enjoy a brisk cycle through the forest. Adrenaline junkies will love the rush our world-class mountain biking trails can offer.

There’s more to forest activities than simply walking or cycling. Why not try out some adrenaline pumping watersports? Or, if you’ve got a head for heights, try swinging through the trees on a treetop adventure.

Orienteering is a brilliant way to get fit and fill your lungs with fresh air, or if you’d rather something more sedate, immerse yourself in the great outdoors by camping in the forest – there’s nothing quite like it.

Find what you're looking for

The activities and facilities at each forest are shown using the symbols below to make it easy to see what's available there. You'll see them in the About tab on each page.

fcs recreation symbols